·T-Win was established
·A domestic market with 5 shops in Guangzhou Wholesale Market
·Possess 3 sets of local embroidery machine in the facotry


· Our business has grown and we have decided to expand globally
· We started our international sale department in Alibaba and Made in China
· At this time, we have 5 sets of local machine to make sure our capacity.


·We started joining the Canton Fair
·Our staff has grown to 50 peoples( 20 staffs in Office and 30 workers in the factory)
·We invested on our first imported Germany Machine to speed up our production


·Our company has grown rapidly and so we've expanded our Guangzhou to 800 square meters to accomodate this
·We started to further expand our customer markets to South America and further joined more exhibitions
·We have 8 sets Imported machine,and 10 sets of local embroidery machine after the fast grow


·We set up a new office in Lima with a successful turnover of 15 million dollars
·We became a pioneer in leading fashion to South America
·Having T-Win partnership agent in Mexico and we are able to help our customers clear the Custom in Mexico


· We attend to the Russian market, start to work with the famous brand
· We focus ont only exhibitioins, but social medial such as Facebook, Linkein to build up our brand
· To expand our production line with more kinds of fabrics, embroidery, lace, rayon, and other kinds of polular fabrics.