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T-win Textile is a textile company located in China. We have two factories in China, producing embroidered lace fabrics and various application accessories. Which product do you want to know about?

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Questions and Answers

1.Where is the location?

T-win is a textile factory located in China. We have two factories, one for fabrics and one for accessories, located in Shaoxing and the other in Xiamen. We also have retail stores and offices in Guangzhou. Our goods are shipped directly from China to the customer's designated address by national express (UPS, FedEx, DHL), sea freight, air freight and other methods. (Click to view shipping details)

2.Dose T-win have branches or offices in other countries?

T-win currently does not have offices or branches in other countries. Why?
1.Focus on distributors and wholesalers:
Our main customers are distributors, factories and importers with import and wholesale capabilities. If we establish local branches, it would be convenient for local buyers, but it would harm the interests of our existing customers. This does not conform to the concept of mutual benefit between us and our customers.
2.Confidentiality and customer privacy:
We keep all of our clients' information confidential. We insist on not establishing branches because it is easier to protect the privacy of our customers. We believe that most customers do not want their supply chains to be discovered by competitors.
3.Innovation and speed in design and delivery:
All textile companies establishing branches in other countries must produce the designs in advance and send them to local sales via containers due to distance problems. These designs are undoubtedly very early designs. However, T-win designs are always the latest, designed and produced directly in China, and can arrive in up to ten days via DHL, UPS and FedEx.

3.What is the cost structure?

General cost structure of transactions with T-win (value of goods + freight + platform transfer service fee + additional fees)
1. Value of goods: quantity of goods * unit price of goods (if OEM customization/dyeing is required, please negotiate with the sales manager in charge of the order)
2. Freight: determined by the final quantity and weight of the goods, transportation method, address and other factors
3. Platform transfer fee: T-win mainly provides international bank transfer, paypa, alibaba platform transaction, WeChat transfer and other payment methods. Different methods will generate corresponding service fees during the transfer process
4. Other additional fees need to be negotiated with the T-win sales manager in charge of your order
In short, after you confirm the transaction details with our sales manager, we will send you a pro forma invoice to confirm all the fees. Please confirm all the fees before making the payment.

4.How is the cooperation process?

Since our goods are sent directly from China to your country, this is an import business, so please first select the corresponding cooperation guide according to your situation

1. Already have experience in importing in China

  ①: The planned purchase quantity is higher than 1 container
  ②: The planned purchase quantity is lower than 1 container

2. No import experience
① Click and view the import suggestions prepared by T-win for you

5. Can I purchase without any import experience?

Thank you for your support and interest in T-win Textile. As our textiles are sold as wholesale materials, they are more cost-effective in large quantities compared to high-value products like cars, machines, or electronics.

If you need to purchase a small quantity, either for personal use or below our minimum order quantity, we recommend buying locally.

For those who can accept wholesale quantities and are importing for the first time, we suggest finding a friend or local shipping agent to assist with import documentation and customs clearance, as import policies vary by country.

If you prefer to manage the import process yourself or want to learn more about it, T-win has compiled import guides from various countries for your reference. While we have reviewed these articles, they are intended only as general references. Please feel free to provide feedback or corrections.

For countries where we currently cannot provide specific import advice, please stay tuned for updates or contact us directly on WhatsApp at +8618922450256.

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If you are familiar with importing and do not want to pay Alibaba's platform fees, you can contact us via WhatsApp and our sales manager Welling will assign a suitable sales manager to follow up your order based on your situation.

If you are importing for the first time and are worried about investment risks, we have a store on Alibaba. You can complete your first order with us through Alibaba, which is a third-party platform and will help you ensure the safety of your funds.

If it is inconvenient for you to communicate via Alibaba or WhatsApp, you can contact us via E-mail. Please click the button below to leave your name and email address, and explain in detail the product you want to consult. We will contact you as soon as possible.