Hello, I’m Teeny, the General Manager of T-win. If you’re new here, let me explain: 

T-win, based in China, offers a variety of shipping options globally from our textile factories. However, respecting local markets, we choose not to establish offices or retail stores worldwide. This decision safeguards the interests of our global dealers. To purchase our products, importing is necessary due to our wholesale model. Recognizing the complexities of wholesale, we also offer a selection of in-stock designs for sample orders. These are ideal for checking quality with a small purchase quantity. If you’re interested in collaborating, reach out via the WhatsApp button or continue exploring.

Discover Our Impeccable Craftsmanship

Hot-selling design recommendations

Unveiling Our State-of-the-Art Factories

Step into our world of textile mastery. Our two cutting-edge factories stand as beacons of precision and sophistication. Witness the birthplace of exceptional embroidery fabric products, meticulously crafted to meet global standards.

Unmatched Services for Global Partners

Why choose T-win?

1.Vast Export Expertise: Over a decade in exports, especially in Latin America, backed by multinationals’ recommendations, ensuring a seamless buying process.
2.Reliable Quality: Our Shantou and Shaoxing factories boast cutting-edge equipment, supplying 50,000+ meters of top-tier embroidered fabrics monthly.
3.Customization: Diverse colors and tailored options cater to your specific needs.
4.Varied Shipping: Fast and secure national express and collaboration with global forwarders offer stable shipping services.
No local stores abroad, tailored guidance regardless of import experience. Join us for long-term partnerships!

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Global Partners Receiving Unparalleled Services

We proudly extend our expertise to diverse markets spanning Latin America, Europe, and beyond. Committed to seamless collaboration and top-notch quality, we nurture enduring partnerships worldwide. Our dedication includes frequent visits to countries like Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, and more, ensuring a deep understanding of local markets and fostering strong customer connections.

Let’s embark on a shared journey of textile excellence. Join us as we innovate, create, and redefine the landscape of embroidery fabrics worldwide.

How to cooperate?

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The T-win team welcomes you. You can click the "whatsapp button" next to it to directly contact our sales manager, or select your business type in the following options. We will provide more targeted cooperation information guides according to different situations.