First Time Import Advice

Thank you for your support and interest in T-win Textile. As our textiles are sold as wholesale materials, they are more cost-effective in large quantities compared to high-value products like cars, machines, or electronics.

If you need to purchase a small quantity, either for personal use or below our minimum order quantity, we recommend buying locally.

For those who can accept wholesale quantities and are importing for the first time, we suggest finding a friend or local shipping agent to assist with import documentation and customs clearance, as import policies vary by country.

If you prefer to manage the import process yourself or want to learn more about it, T-win has compiled import guides from various countries for your reference. While we have reviewed these articles, they are intended only as general references. Please feel free to provide feedback or corrections.

For countries where we currently cannot provide specific import advice, please stay tuned for updates or contact us directly on WhatsApp at +8618922450256.

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The T-win team welcomes you. You can click the "whatsapp button" next to it to directly contact our sales manager, or select your business type in the following options. We will provide more targeted cooperation information guides according to different situations.